Entertainment Law

A restrictive covenant generally refers to the portion of an agreement that legally binds someone to either take, or abstain from taking, certain actions. If these obligations are broken, penalties or legal action could follow. As mentioned above, there are consequences for breaking a [...]

Business Law

Cable customers may soon be permitted to drop unwanted channels they are forced to pay for with their bundle if distributor Cablevision wins its antitrust lawsuit against Viacom. The company argues that Viacom, which owns MTV and Nickelodeon, violated antitrust law by bundling undesired and [...]

Sports Law

Comcast-Spectator is facing a lawsuit over claims that it failed to pay a finder’s fee owed in connection with the sale of the Philadelphia 76ers. From the perspective of a sports law attorney, the suit highlights that while finder’s fees are often useful in obtaining strategic business [...]