Pistorius Cries, Gets Sick in Court

Pistorius in Court

Oscar Pistorius-2South African disabled runner, Oscar Pistorius, who was accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, cried and vomited in court on March 10th while hearing a pathologist testify as to Steenkamp’s injuries, according to CNN. Pistorius, 27, admits that he shot Steenkamp, 29, but denies the charge of murder, claiming he believed that she was an intruder and that he was acting to protect himself and Steenkamp.

Pathologist Gert Saayman’s testimony was interrupted by the sobbing and vomiting of Pistorius, who at times was reported to be attempting to cover his ears during the testimony, according to the news source. Saayman’s testimony confirmed that Steenkamp died from multiple gunshot wounds – consistent with being shot in the head, arm and hip by three shots fired through the door of the toilet cubicle.

Prosecution’s case

The prosecution is attempting to portray Pistorius as trigger happy, according to Reuters. So far, the court has heard testimony from the athlete’s friends about an incident in a South Africa restaurant, in which Pistorius accidentally shot a firearm into the floor. Professional boxer, Kevin Lerena, testified that he, Pistorius and several others were having dinner in Tashas Restaurant, when another member of the group passed Pistorius a pistol and informed him that it was loaded. A second later, a shot went off.

The athlete checked that everyone was safe, before turning to the owner of the gun and asking him to take the blame – which he did.

The court also heard testimony from an ex-girlfriend of Pistorius, Samantha Taylor. Taylor informed the court that the athlete kept a gun at his bedside at all times in case of intruders and one time got up to investigate a sound in the night with his firearm, according to CNN. In another event, Pistorius once fired his gun through Taylor’s car sunroof after a traffic stop.

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