Entertainment Law

How do Reality TV Shows Get Away with Being Fake? People can’t yell, argue and stir up controversy as often as reality television makes it seem, can they? Well, thanks to contract provisions much of what people see on reality TV may not be real at all. The number of unrealistic situations [...]

Entertainment Law

What Makes a Public Figure? When it comes to defamation, the distinction between public figures and lesser-known individuals is very important, but what makes a public figure? There’s a good chance most people who work in sports or entertainment are public figures, however, there is no [...]

Entertainment Law

Reality TV Doesn’t Always Pay Well All reality television stars are not created equal. Some reality TV cast members are hauling in millions through their contracts, while others aren’t making much at all. The cast of the iconic MTV reality TV show, “The Real World,” for [...]

NFL Agent

Could self-representation be a setback in NFL free agency? Free agency can be an exciting time for football players, but it can also be tough to navigate, especially as the window inches toward a close. This is why the help of an agent is often necessary. Former Seattle Seahawk, Russell Okung, [...]

Sports Law

What about being on NFL practice squad? Free agency kicked off this year and players such as Olivier Vernon found themselves signing massive contracts with new or old teams. However, there are some players who are free agents year round, and their names rarely ever hit the headlines. Allen [...]