Sports Law

Wagering on sports is a popular activity, but it is only legal in a few states. Nevada is the biggest sports-betting state, as it is home to the casino capital of the world in Las Vegas. However, New Jersey has been attempting to legalize wagering in the past year to no avail, which has cost the [...]

Sports Law

Steroids in baseball has been a major topic of conversation for quite some time. Former New York Yankee and Boston Red Sox pitcher, Roger Clemens, was one of the most recent targets, as his trainer, Brian McNamee, said he provided Clemens with performance enhancing drugs. PEDs have led to [...]

Entertainment Law

Showing a pay-per-view event at your bar is something that can draw customers and increase revenue. To increase the night’s pull, you may be tempted to broadcast such events via pay-per-view programming, which if not licensed properly, equates to an illegal stream – violating [...]


The NCAA has been under fire recently The organization is facing multiple lawsuits over its definition of amateurism and whether or not collegiate athletes are fairly treated. Former University of Minnesota football player Kendall Gregory-McGhee recently added to the NCAA’s legal issues by [...]