Leveraging Your Reality TV Stardom

reality tv stardomCapitalizing on Your Reality TV Stardom

Reality television stardom is just the beginning for many people. There are plenty of ways to leverage a TV appearance.

Unlike actors in scripted TV shows, those in unscripted programs are not unionized. As a result, their salaries aren’t always as high as their peers on scripted TV, according to Gawker. Working conditions aren’t always great either. People set to start in a reality TV program should prepare for the fact that they may not be stepping directly into glamorous Hollywood lifestyles. However, there are other ways for reality TV participants to make the sort of money they expect. 

Luckily, as an unscripted TV star you’re already a known quantity. People know what to expect, which can help you find work. Vulture described a few ways to take advantage of your previous reality TV experiences to make more money.

Look for more unscripted TV opportunities

One simple way to make more money in reality TV is to look for more shows in need of participants. You’ve already had an audition of sorts during your first TV stint. Producers will know what you offer them, which could improve your chances of landing a role. However, this may subject you to the same unfavorable working conditions and low pay that your previous reality TV participation did.

Take advantage of paid appearances

If you make a strong enough impression during your initial reality TV tenure, you can land paid public appearances. Whether clubs, malls or personal parties, you can certainly make a good living with these compensated gigs. 

Seek social media sponsorships

Instagram models, YouTube stars and other social media talents take advantage of their fame to sell certain products for money. This is a role that reality TV participants can easily slip into. As long as you have plenty of followers, generating brand awareness through social networking is a great way to make more money. Stephanie Pratt is one former reality TV star who makes thousands of dollars through endorsements, according to Jezebel. Many stars in the unscripted television universe go on to endorse products through social media as an alternative source of income. 

If you’re looking for opportunities to earn more outside of your reality TV program, speak with an experienced entertainment law attorney for more on possibilities as well as information on contract requirements.

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