Sports Law

NFL players are required to play the game when physically possible, adhere to certain standards set by the league and relate to the media to the satisfaction of the NFL due to a public relations contract clause. Yes, player contracts can be as much about public relations as they are about the [...]

Sports Law

Since the latest collective bargaining agreement, NFL rookie contracts have become very standardized. There’s very little negotiating left for agents to do. However, there are still discussions to be had and slight variations depending on where a player is drafted. Here is an explanation [...]

NFL Agent

Performance bonuses are included in many sports contracts, and are given out for fantastic feats of athleticism, such as reaching touchdown milestones or for making one of the NBA All-Defense teams. By fulfilling these performance bonuses, athletes can earn millions more than their base [...]

Sports Law

Could a Ski Vacation Really Void an Athlete’s Contract? In all four major sports leagues in the U.S., player contracts often include physical activity clauses that explain which activities athletes are restricted from engaging in to prevent off-field injuries. These physical activity [...]

Entertainment Law

In the U.S., proving defamation as a public figure is often harder than it is for people who live their lives outside of the public eye. Stars struggle in proving defamation all the time.  Therefore, if you are considering filing a lawsuit alleging libel or slander, it is important to understand [...]