A Referendum on the Rutgers University Administration


The recent release of video showing disturbing actions of the former head basketball coach belies the national reputation of one of the oldest colleges in the nation.  Unfortunately, this debacle reinforces the pattern of ill advised decisions that have been made since my days as a proud Rutgers student athlete.

Rutgers University Basketball Mike RiceThe media outlash against Mike Rice, albeit justified, has quickly reached its natural cycle and should now be retired.  Everyone makes poor decisions in life, and after they apologize and are justly punished, they should be forgiven.  However, the deeper issue to be considered concerns the faces behind the media event.  Who hired this coach?  Who allowed this coach to remain after this event occurred?  Is the foundation still in place to allow for another situation like this to occur?

Governor Christie’s comments are right on target and will hopefully reverberate throughout the Rutgers “Hall of Decision Makers”-it’s time for some honest answers.  And if anyone can get to the truth, it will be our Governor.

In my opinion (which represents the opinions of a small but very successful group of fellow alums that I am in contact with), we need more experience in our hiring procedures at all levels.  Regrettably, it takes an occurrence like this to expose the weaknesses of those in charge who clearly do not have the experience to process and execute upon the information available.  Insiders will tell you that this hiring could have been prevented based on available information- information that in fact may have prevented other schools from making this choice.

Its time for Rutgers University to achieve the greatness it once held in the academic and athletic communities.  Let us bid farewell to those who have failed us.  Bring in some true talent in the administration who can turn our image around, and perhaps this author and other fellow alums may start contributing again and take greater pride in a University whose roots date back to the Revolutionary War.  Until that time comes, you can place me on the “do not call” list.


If you would like to discuss this topic or have questions or concerns, I invite you to leave a comment below or contact me, Anthony Caruso.

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Anthony R. Caruso is a business transactional attorney in New York and New Jersey with experience in structuring, negotiation and completion of legal deals involving business, entrepreneurs, athletes and performers.

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