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Chairman of Sports, Media & Entertainment Law Practice

Mr. Caruso is an accomplished attorney, entrepreneur, professor and business strategist

Why Choose UsWe can handle almost all the transactions that you may encounter in your business.

Corporate Transactions & Business
drafting deals and negotiations between parties within in the sports and entertainment arena.
Negotiations & Drafting Contracts

Negotiation and drafting of all types of deals and contracts
including matters such as acquisitions and sales, intellectual property,

Structuring Private Capital Transactions

Overseeing private capital transactions for the acquisition
and/or establishment of various ventures.

Artist & Player Representation

• Talent/Management Disputes
• Restraining Orders and Other Types of Litigation
• Right to Privacy/Publicity
• Player and Celebrity Employment

Copyright & Trademark Ownership

• Copyright/Trademark Ownership, Registration and Enforcement
• Idea Submissions and Ownership
• Co-Promotion Alliances

Media Contracts & Agreements

• Sponsorship and Endorsement Agreements
• Film and Television Production Agreements
• Player and Celebrity Employment Contracts
• Artist Management Agreements
• Sponsorship / Endorsement Agreements
• Film / Television Production Agreements
• Composer/Music Publishing Agreements

Sports Law

• Player and Celebrity Employment
• Private Financing of Sports and Entertainment Projects
• Arena/Stadium Leasing
• NCAA Regulatory Issues
• Player and Celebrity Employment Contracts

Representative Matters

Negotiation of player contracts and coach contracts with various pro teams;
Legal counseling, negotiations, strategy, media supervision and crisis management

Book Deals & Print Contracts

• Book Distribution Agreements
• Author-Agent Agreements


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